Learning a new language is fun when you have the right company. Learning a new word and its usage can be really exciting if you understand that speaking even a little English and applying a new word to communicate are signs of improvement and you are on the right track. Spoken English training / classes by Brundaban Study Point is now available in Kolkata and Howrah

Here are a few English Speaking tips by Brundaban Study Point Kolkata that will help you to master the language


Nothing works better than speaking. Drop your ego, shame and whatever is holding you back from speaking because you cannot learn a new language properly if you don't speak in the language on a regular basis. Many men and women are ashamed and even scared of making mistakes, which is a wrong attitude. For you, making mistake is natural because nobody is perfect in communication, not even the native speakers of the language and you are just an Indian who is trying to learn a foreign language. Be confident and avoid any company that makes you feel ashamed and demotivated. If you really want to learn, you have to fight with society and yourself to face the challenge. Whenever you fell nervous, take a deep breath, close your eyes, visualize that you a speaking fluently and start speaking. Stop concentrating on grammar, just try to express your feeling in English because if you don't you will never learn.

Use your Smartphone or PC

Besides chatting on Facebook or Whatsapp, you can do much more with your smartphone. Any modern mobile comes with facilities like video streaming classes, voice recorder and online or offline dictionary. Read aloud an English article and record it. Play back your voice recording and understand how fluently you read and how properly you pronounce each word. When you are not sure about the pronunciation of a particular word, use the dictionary to get the right pronunciation. Dictionary.com or Youtube can help you getting your pronunciation fixed

Watch English News Channels like BBC News and Doordarshan

Listen to news bulletins and movies starring British actors and try to copy the way they pronounce each word. Don't try to copy their accent. You can also learn new words and expressions by watching English films. The more you listen, the more you learn. Just never try to put on fake accent as it may sound funny and unprofessional in India and even to a native English speaker.

Read Out Loud

Read the newspaper or a magazine out loud to yourself. Find a script for your favourite movie and act it out! This is an effective way to correct pronunciation because you only need to concentrate on sounds and don’t need to worry about sentence structure or grammar. Remember that grammar is more important when you write than when you speak.

Learn a New Word Every Day

Make it a habit to open the dictionary everyday and learn a new word and its right pronunciation. Try to apply the word to communicate and much as possible. Also, try to make different sentences with the word. Use the word until you know that you will never forget.

Make Friends

Social media life Facebook and others enable us to make friendship with likeminded people. Join a community of people who are interested in learning English as a foreign language. Get some English speaking friends who can help you learn the language.

Think, Talk and Dream in English

Anything you love doing, make sure you do it and communicate it in English. Using English to communicate ideas will make practicing a positive experience. Include English words and short sentences like “Come in”, “Sit”, “Stand”, “Go”, “Buy”, “Give me the pen”, “Take it”, “Hold it”, “Do it”, “Come here”, “Call me”, “Good morning”, “Good night”, etc. Never miss an opportunity to use English phrases. If you haven't mastered making full sentences in English, try using short commands and expressions as mentioned in this paragraph. Doing this will make your learning phase easier and you will gain confidence day by day.

The last and not the least advice – Never feel afraid or ashamed of making mistakes and never feel hesitant about welcoming criticism by your trainer because if you do you will never learn. Feel positive always. Learning is fun when your attitude is right.

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