Bachelor of Arts / Graduation in Arts

Bachelor of Arts courses allow you to express yourself creatively. Any subject within Arts category is all about understanding the value of content, which helps students understand “quality” as a key value. An arts student develops problem-solving skills and he/she starts to think and to see in a different way. Studying arts is all about learning the undiscovered truth of life. He/she comes in touch with other customs, heritage, society and civilisations. Arts energized out mind and spirit. The student gains knowledge, meaning, and skills not learned through the study of other subjects. A Bachelor of Arts is a broad interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program encompassing general education, electives and major area of study courses. Brundaban Study Point offers B.A distance education courses in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Tripura from different Universities in India.

BA Distance Education in Kolkata

Studying arts is said to develop confidence and self esteem. We start to describe things in detail and explore the use of words to better describe things. We discover our hidden talents and gain a sense of accomplishment. We learn critical thinking, tolerating ambiguity, problem solving, teamwork, informed perception and respecting different cultures. Studying arts helps us to develop fine motor skills and polishes our emotional intelligence.

B.A Admission 2017

After successful completion of BA degree, students have bright career prospects. A number of degree programs and the career possibilities are offered to arts graduated because a Bachelor of Arts degree covers a wide range of study that makes graduates academically prepared to take on virtually any career option they deserve. The unlimited career possibilities for BA graduates lures young people to study arts. Contact us for B.A. admission 2017.

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